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SILVER BOND WROUGHT IRON SDN BHD specialises in supplying premium quality metal roofing, steel & stainless steel products, wrought iron material, building accessories & hardware products. Our premise is based in Taman Malim Jaya, Melaka, Malaysia. As a a proud BlueScope authorised dealer, our premium metal roofing products are made using premium coated steel produced by NS BlueScope Malaysia. By choosing our products, you are assured of total peace of mind & your roof will last for many good years to come!

Why BlueScope ZACS® Is The Best Choice For Your Home

Endurance Guaranteed

Symbol Purity

Color Options The Variety

Wavy Texture Unique

Avoid Breakdown Cases Enter Through The Roof

Investment Firm Enduring

Avoid It Water Leakage

Easy Installed


Stronger than the roof regular galvanized steel

BlueScope ZACS® - Tested & Proven

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